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ABC News reports that 20 million American couples live in a no-sex or low-sex marriage, and some therapists and counselors believe the number might be much higher. Even Dr. Phil calls such marriages "an undeniable epidemic." It's not surprising that a bad sex life is often the best indicator of a marriage headed for divorce.

picture of a book Why are sexless marriages so commonplace and what can be done about it? While countless books and articles have been written to help restore passion in a relationship, none of them have identified the single key that will restore the passion of those first early days, weeks, and months. None, that is, until The Sex Secret.

And while more and more marriage counselors are recommending a "just do it" philosophy to combat sexless marriages, if you follow the advice in The Sex Secret, you won't have to resort to a "just do it" philosophy, and you will no longer describe sex as boring. It will be closer to a, "YES! Let's do it!" philosophy.

The Sex Secret is a book for every couple.

The Sex Secret

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